Pastor Ninan Koshy was born in a Marthomite family. At the age of 13, he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. He was the first one to step out from his family and take a stand for the Truth. That same year, he received baptism of the Holy Spirit and received the gift of prophecy. In 1978, he completed his Bible study from Sharon Bible College.


After his graduation from a secular college in 1981, he began teaching at a tutorial college. In one of his classes, he noticed a female student who always looked so depressed. He came to understand that she was suffering from some type of problem, and the Holy Spirit urged him to share the Gospel with her. He was not married at that time, and it would have been deemed inappropriate for him to take a female student aside and talk to her privately. He spoke with the principal and he said that he would set up a time in the following month for them to talk to her. But he grew restless and he could not sleep at night, and he felt the Spirit continuing to urge him to share the Gospel with this young lady. One morning at 7 a.m. he went to the college and saw a black flag hanging on the door. He was surprised by this and just stood there for a few minutes. Suddenly, another student came up to him and told him that the depressed female student had committed suicide. He will never forget that day. He knows that he will have to give an account before God for that lost soul. On that day, he took a decision that wherever he goes, he would share the Gospel with each person he met. Never again would he be hesitant to share Godís love. This commitment to God is what urged him to go to Upper Darby after he came to the United States.


Upper Darby is a small town, located 6 miles from downtown Philadelphia. More than 600 Christian Malayalees live there. No Malayalee Christian fellowship was available in that township. All the Malayalee Christian fellowships were in Northeast Philadelphia.


In 1992, guided by the Holy Spirit, Pastor Koshy visited Upper Darby with two friends. Upper Darby is 25 miles from Northeast Philadelphia. The friends who accompanied him were not ready to start a ministry there. Without any hesitation, he stepped forward and took that opportunity to start a pioneer work. God enabled him to start a Sunday school and hold cottage meetings with the help of some of the brothers there. He had a lot of opposition, but God enabled him to carry out His work. In May of 1998, according to the direction of the Holy Spirit, they started Sunday worship services in Upper Darby. Throughout the past seven years, God has blessed them. The assembly now has about thirty members, all from various denominations and background. As a church, they are firmly based on the Pentecostal doctrines. God has strengthened Pastor Koshy to continue His work there, without expecting any material benefits. The assembly requests your prayers for Godís continued blessings for the fellowship in Upper Darby.

Rev. Ninan Koshy & Family


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