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Text Box: 7TH TERM OFFICIALS (2009-2011)


Rev. T.C. Mathew

IPC North America Eastern Region

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Bro. Samuel Yohannan

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Santhosh George

SUMMARY REPORT (2009-2011)


General Body & Bylaw: The previous general body meeting of our region was held on December 21, 2008 at IPC Queens Village, New York. Eighty members consisting of pastors and church representatives attended the meeting. Outgoing president Rev. Mathew Samuel presided over the meeting.  The first order of business was the formal approval of the proposed bylaws previously discussed at length at a Special General Body held on November 23, 2008. The secretary, Rev. Joseph Williams presented the final draft which was approved unanimously after a brief discussion. Thus, the region bylaw became effective on Sunday, December 21, 2008. Subsequently, the secretary presented the report for the three years ending December 2008, and Treasurer Br. Varghese Philip presented the financial report. The general body accepted both the reports without amendments.


Council & Executives:  Election of the officers and the council members were held according to the newly adopted bylaws for the first time. Accordingly, the general body elected the officers for the current term as follows: Rev. T.C. Mathew (President) Rev. John Thomas (Vice-President) Rev. Joseph Williams (Secretary) Br. Thomas Kidangalil (Jt. Secretary) and Br. Varghese Philip (Treasurer). Following the election of the officers, the region council was formed with 41 members consisting of 20 pastors, 19 brothers and the PYPA president and Sunday school director.


Region Programs: The region hosted two major programs each year: the quarterly meetings, and the annual convention. Seminars and ministers meetings were also held each year except for 2011. Additionally, the Sunday school, PYPA and Sodari Samajam hold their meetings under the auspices of the region. Quarterly meetings are held in New York and New Jersey.


Our region convention is held regularly during the Columbus Day weekend in October. The 2009 convention was held at Mineola High School, the 20010 convention was held at Mineola Middle School and the 2011 convention was held at Chaminade High School. The main speakers were Pastors Thomas Philip, Zack Cherian and Kris Jackson (2009) Rev. Roger Houtsma and Rev. Zack Cherian (2010) and Pastor Sunny Kurian and Rev. T.N. Walter (2011). In 2009 we expanded the English session beginning Saturday night. This has increased youth participation in our region’s convention both on Saturday night and Sunday. We also conduct a New Jersey-Hudson Valley area convention each year under the auspicious of PYPA including a combined worship service of the New Jersey and the Hudson Valley, New York churches. 


Churches and Pastors: Two new churches were added to our region during this term. India Pentecostal Assembly, Boston where Pastor Bethel Johnson is the pastor was given region membership effective September 11, 2010. IPA Boston became the first church in New England to join the Region. Bethel Pentecostal Assembly, MD where Pastor Varghese Kurian is the pastor was given region membership on November 20th, 2011 and became the 3rd member church in the Washington – Maryland area. We gladly welcome both these churches to the Region.


We had several changes in pastoral ministry in our member churches during the current term. The following changes were made by the local churches: Pastor Mathew Philip (IPC Shalem NJ) Pastor Samuel John (India Christian Assembly) Pastor P.C. Varghese (Washington Pentecostal Assembly) Pastor Finni Baby (IPC New Jersey) Pastor Kuriyachen V. Philip (IPC Philadelphia) Pastor Monis George (Shalem Pentecostal Tabernacle) and Pastor K.V. Abraham (Elim Full Gospel Assembly) assumed the pastoral ministry of the respective local churches.


We wish blessings to these men of God who are joining us and will miss those who moved out of our region, especially Dr. P.B. Thomas who moved to Dallas to be the pastor of IPC Hebron Dallas. Dr. Thomas was given a send off on July 31, 2011 under the auspicious of the Region Council.


IPC General Council: The region is represented in the General Council by Pastor T.C. Mathew and Br. Kunjumon Samuel. They were appointed for a term of three years (2009-2012) by the Council held on August 23, 2009.


Hebron Bible College: As in previous terms, the IPC Eastern Region continued to be a major sponsor and financial patron of Hebron Bible College (HBC). The net savings from our region activities are primarily used to support students pursuing their Post Graduate courses at HBC. The region executives are members of the Advisory Board of Hebron Bible College (PG). A total of $6, 600 was given to HBC during the current term.


PYPA, Sunday School & Women's Fellowship: Under the leadership Brother Santhosh George continued the progress it began several years ago. PYPA conducted conventions in New York and New Jersey in each of the three years.  One of the highlight of the PYPA program is the VBS held at IPA Hicksville. Each year over 240 children between the ages of 4 and 15 attended our VBS.  Over 60 children gave their hearts to the Lord and accepted him as their personal Savior during these VBS events.


IPC Eastern Region Sunday School Association under the leadership of Sunday School Director Rev. Alvin David took the initiate and conducted a region-wide competitive test for Sunday school students for the first time on September 11, 2011, Winners were honored with certificate and trophy at the region convention on Saturday, October 8th.  The Region Sunday School also sponsored the English translation and printing of the 12th grade Sunday school text book. A contribution of $1,250 was made to IPC Sunday School Association for this purpose.


IPC Eastern Region Women's Fellowship functioned well under the leadership of sister Valsa Johnson. The sister’s fellowship conducted several Fellowship meetings, nursing home ministry, annual conventions and Fasting and prayer meetings. They also made contributions each year to IPC Sodari Samajam, Kumbanadu for the benefit of our needy sisters and families in Kerala.


IPC Family Conference: Our region has been very supportive of IPC Family Conference since its inception in New York. The 10th conference was held in Rochester, New York in 2010 under the leadership of Rev. Itty Abraham. We congratulate him and all the local and national committee members from our region for organizing a very blessed conference. Brothers Sam Thomas and George Samuel currently serve as the secretary and treasurer, respectively, of the 11th IPC Family Conference which will be held in Orlando, Florida from July 26th to July 29th 2012. We pledge our support and prayers to the 11th Family Conference.


Our beloved president Rev. T.C. Mathew was found unconscious on Friday, October 28, 2011 and has been in a state of coma ever since. His family, the India Christian Assembly of NJ, the local churches in the Region and family and friends around the globe prayed for over four months for a miracle. His illness and hospitalization created a sense of uncertainty in the Region, and the India Christian Assembly of New Jersey in particular. The Region was blessed under his leadership as our founding secretary, former vice president and more recently as our president. He is the only official in the history of our region to hold all three executive pastoral positions in the Region which is a testament to his gifted leadership and universal acceptance in our community. Rev. T.C. Mathew went to his eternal home on Thursday, March 8, 2012.


As we conclude the 21st year of our region, we remember those servants of God who had lead us in the past. May the Lord enable us to honor their lives and follow their good examples. While, we remember all those who planted and watered this fellowship, we give all glory to God who has caused it to grow.


Respectfully Submitted,




Rev. Joseph Williams