Bro. M.A. George

Joint Secretary

Bro. Varghese Pinakulam


Rev. T.C. Mathew

Text Box: FIRST TERM OFFICIALS (1991 – 1993)

It is noteworthy that the Pentecostal movement has been spreading rapidly throughout the length and breath of the world as the literal fulfillment of the prophecy of Joel, “In the last days I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh. (Joel 2:28)” Historically, the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues was manifested at Topeka, Kansas in 1901 as in the day of Pentecost. It is evident from the news report about it, which was published in Topeka on January 14, 1901 “Apostolic believers were filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in other tongues. They had tremendous faith and they met their needs through prayer. They had all the characteristics of the apostles of Jesus Christ.” It is amazing to know that two revivals took place in Kerala in 1873 and 1895 with the manifestation of speaking in tongues many years before the Kansas revival. (Autobiography of Pr. K.E. Abraham pgs. 62&63) The same experience was repeated at Mukti Mission of Pandit Ramebhai, Poone, India in the beginning of the 20th century.


Since then, God has used both foreign and native missionaries to spread the power of the Holy Spirit in India. During that time, a humble servant of Jesus Christ Pr. K.E. Abraham, a former Brethren Minister was filled with the Holy Spirit and was mightily used by God in spreading the fire of Pentecost through his inspiring messages and thought provoking writings. He was instrumental in founding the Indian Pentecostal Church of God. He had the unique nature of encouraging and training other servants of God and bringing them to the forefront. Consequently, I.P.C had the privilege of molding eminent men of God who were mightily used in India and abroad. It is worth mentioning that these mighty pioneer workers had finished their course and had gone to be with the Lord.


I.P.C is the largest indigenous Pentecostal Church in India and the believers and pastors who had gone abroad took the initiative prayerfully and established churches wherever they went. At present I.P.C has over 4,500 local churches worldwide.


God has opened ways and means to start I.P.C Eastern Region in 1991. When late Pr. George Varghese, the then general secretary of I.P.C visited New York, he convened a meeting of the pastors in the region on Oct. 28th 1988 and formed a pastor’s fellowship with late Pr. A.C. George as the convener. Since then, the pastors used to meet on a regular basis for prayer and fellowship. In accordance with the decision taken at the combined meeting of the pastors and the representatives of the churches under I.P.C banner in the Eastern Region held on April 20, 1991 the first general body meeting of the fellowship of the Eastern Region was convened at the I.P.C Auditorium at Queens Village, NY at 4PM on May 12,1991. Pastor A.C. George convener of the minister’s fellowship presided over the meeting. Pastors and brothers representing 10 churches attended the meeting. The meeting unanimously adopted a guideline and resolved to form a region fellowship known as Fellowship of the I.P.C Churches of North America (Eastern Region). The meeting elected Rev. A.C. George (President), Rev. John C. Daniel (Vice-president), Rev. T.C. Mathew (Secretary), and Bro. Varghese Pinakulam (Jt. Secretary) and Bro. M.A. George (Treasurer). A region council consisting of one representative from each member church in addition to the officials was also constituted.


The first annual convention of the region was held at Susan B. Anthony School New York from September 13-15, 1991. Pr. P.K. Chacko and George Oommen were the guest speakers. The second annual convention was held at Francis Lewis High School from August 20-23, 1992. Pastors P.M Phillip, T.S. Abraham, K.M Joseph and Idicheria Ninan were the guest speakers. The third annual convention was held at Francis Lewis High School from October 22-24,1993. Pr. Abraham Samuel (Andra Pradesh), the scheduled speaker for the convention, suddenly became ill at Pittsburg Pennsylvania and Pastor M.A. Varghese spoke at the convention instead. It is with deep condolence that we remember the sudden demise of Pr. Abraham Samuel on his return trip to India. Eastern Region officials had the privilege to see him off.


Regular minister’s conferences and fellowship meetings of member churches were the featured programs in addition to our annual conventions during the early years of the region. A send off meeting with a love feast was arranged on May 14, 1994 in honor of Pastors John Daniel and John C. John who were moving to Houston and Kerala respectively for continuing their ministry.


Under the supervision of the Eastern Region council, I.P.C Women’s Fellowship was formed on November 13, 1991 at a combined fellowship meeting of the minister’s council, Eastern Region council and representatives of the sisters from participating churches. The meeting adopted the guidelines for the conduct of the fellowship.


By God’s grace, though the region was started with only 10 participating churches in 1991, by the end of the tenor of the first council in 1994, the total number of churches rose to 20. At the annual general body meeting held on May 29,1994, the office bearers for the second region council was elected. The secretary presented the report and the treasurer presented the income and the expenditure statement. The total income for the first term was $30,772.36 and the expenditure was $28,463.06.


Rev. T. C. Mathew





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Text Box: First Ten Churches & Pastors of IPC Eastern Region

		India Pentecostal Church				Rev. A.C. George
		India Christian Assembly				Rev. John Daniel
		India Pentecostal Assembly				Rev. K.V. Kurian
		New York Pentecostal Church			Rev. John C. Daniel
		Elim Full Gospel Assembly				Rev. Thomas Mathai
		Salem Pentecostal Tabernacle			Rev. Sunny Philip
		India Full Gospel Pentecostal Church		Rev. John C. John
		New Jersey Full Gospel Church			Rev. K.K. Cherian
		Assembly of Pentecostal Fellowship, NJ		Rev. M.S. Kochukoshy
		India Christian Assembly, NJ				Rev. T.C. Mathew
Text Box: First Council 

					President 		Rev. A.C. George
					Vice-President 	Rev. John C. Daniel
					Secretary 		Rev. T. C. Mathew
					Joint Secretary	Varghese Pinakulam
					Treasurer 		Bro. M. A. George


						Rev. John Daniel
						Rev. John C. John
						Rev. Thomas Mathai
						Rev. K.K. Cherian
						Rev. K.V. Abraham
						Rev. Sunny Philip
						Bro. Roy Abraham
						Bro. George Varghese
						Bro. P.A. Samuel
						Bro. Eapachan Yohannan