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Text Box: 6TH TERM OFFICIALS (2006-2008)

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IPC North America Eastern Region

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Rev. Mathew Samuel

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SUMMARY REPORT (2006-2008)


General Body: The 2006 general body meeting of the region was held on January 7, 2006 at IPC Queens Village, New York. Acting President Rev. Rocky Antony presided over the meeting.   Secretary Rev. Joseph Williams presented the report and Treasurer Br. Kunjumon Samuel presented the financial report. Subsequently, the general body elected new officers as follows: Rev. Mathew Samuel (President) Rev. T.C. Mathew (Vice-President) Rev. Joseph Williams (Secretary) Br. Michel Johnson (Jt. Secretary) and Br. Varghese Philip (Treasurer). Following the election of the officers, the region council was re-constituted consisting of the pastor and a brother from each member church. Outgoing Jt. Secretary Br. Mathew Alummoottil thanked the gathering and the meeting closed with the prayer and benediction of Pastor Mathew Samuel.


Incorporation & Bylaws: Two special general body meetings were held during this term. The first held on October 29, 2006 at India Christian Assembly, Hollis, New York decided to incorporate the region under the name Indian Pentecostal Church of God [North America – Eastern Region] and unanimously reconfirmed that the region is an official branch of the Indian Pentecostal Church of God (IPC) with international headquarters in Hebron, Kumbanadu, India and as such shall follow the bylaws of the parent church with minimum changes deemed necessary for the functioning of the region in United Sates. Accordingly, a bylaw review committee was formed consisting of the executives and Pastors P.B. Thomas, Thomas Mathai, Alvin David, K.V. Abraham and Brothers Thomas Kidangalil and Oommen Ebenezer as members.


The region applied for and received its certificate of Incorporation effective December 13, 2006 and also applied for and received a federal ID on March 2, 2007. The bylaw committee met several times to review IPC Memorandum of Association and Constitution (revised 2002) and to propose a draft bylaw based on IPC Bylaws. The first draft was sent to the member churches on March 11, 2008, the second draft on October 12, 2008 and the final draft on December 6, 2008. The second special general body was held on November 23rd 2008 in IPC Queens Village, New York. The meeting discussed the final draft in detail and proposed several changes and agreed to postpone the adoption of the bylaw with the proposed changes at the Region general body meeting on December 21, 2008.


Publicity & Website: The first council meeting held on January 29, 2006 appointed Bros. Oommen Ebenezer (Publicity Coordinator) Samuel Yohannan (Webmaster). Rev. T. C. Mathew, our vice president inaugurated and launched the web site on September 17, 2006 and presented it for the glory of God. The Region web-site ( was designed and maintained by our webmaster Br. Samuel Yohannan.



Region Programs: The region hosted three major programs each year: the quarterly meetings, ministers’ seminar and the annual convention. Additionally, the Sunday school, PYPA and Sodari Samajam hold their meetings under the auspices of the region. Our region convention is held regularly during the Columbus Day weekend in October. The 2006 convention was held at Martin Van Buren High School, 2007 convention was held at Mineola Middle School and the 2008 convention was held at Mineola High School. Pastors B. Monachan, K.M Joseph and Evang. P.T. Thomas were the guest speakers, respectively at these conventions. Rev. Paul Lachman (South Africa) also spoke at the 2006 convention (Friday night). Since 2007 we have been conducting separate worship service in English and Malayalam in our region convention. This has increased youth participation in our region’s convention Sunday worship service. We also conducted two area conventions, one in Philadelphia and the other in New Jersey under the auspicious of PYPA. Combined Sunday worship services of the churches in Philadelphia was held both in 2007 and 2008 and a combined worship service of the New Jersey and upstate New York churches was held for the first time in 2008.


Churches & Pastors: Several new churches were added to our region during this term. Shalem IPC New Jersey where Nelson Joshua is the pastor was given region membership effective August 6, 2006. Washington IPC, located in the state of Maryland, where Evang. Anoop Samuel is the minister, was recognized as a member church effective December 9, 2007.  Washington Pentecostal Assembly, located in Silver Spring, Maryland where Pastor Varghese Kurian is the pastor was given region membership on September 13, 2008. Two non-functioning churches, Hebron International Pentecostal Church and Full Gospel Faith Tabernacle were removed from membership in August 2007. Furthermore, the membership of the Pentecostal Assembly of God, New Jersey was suspended effective October 1, 2008 for non-compliance with the directives of the region council.


We had several changes in pastors of our member churches during the current term. The following changes were made by the local churches: Pastor P.C. Varghese was appointed as the pastor of IPC New Jersey on October 22, 2006. Pastor Jubie Daniel discontinued being the pastor of New York Pentecostal Church effective October 25, 2007 and Pastor George Varghese (Shaji Karakkal) was appointed pastor of New York Pentecostal Church effective November 4, 2007. Pastor Antony Rocky was appointed interim pastor of India Christian Assembly in March 2008 in place of Pastor P.B. Thomas. Pastor K. V. Abraham who served as vice president of our region during 1994-1996 completed his term as pastor of India Pentecostal Assembly and Pastor Mathew Finney Samuel was appointed as the pastor of India Pentecostal Assembly effective July 1, 2008. Pastor Sunny Phillip who served as the secretary of our region from 1997-2002 left the Shalem Pentecostal Tabernacle effective July 6, 2008 and Pastor P.B. Thomas assumed the responsibilities as the pastor of Shalem Pentecostal Tabernacle. Pastor Nelson Joshua who was ministering as the pastor of Shalem IPC since its origin was given a send off on November 23rd by the Region as he was preparing to leave the church and our region for higher studies. We will miss all those who have left our region and we wish blessings to those who are joining us.


IPC General Council: The region is represented in the General Council by pastor Joseph Williams and Br. Stanley George.  Brother Stanley George was elected to replace Br. Joy Thumpamon who relocated to Huston, TX  for the remainder of the term.


Hebron Bible College: The Region continued to be a major sponsor and financial patron of Hebron Bible College (HBC). The net savings from our region activities are primarily used to support students pursuing their Post Graduate courses at HBC. The region executives are members of the Advisory Board of Hebron Bible College (PG).


Sunday school, PYPA & Women’s Fellowship: Our Sunday School under the leadership of the Sunday school Director Br. Thomas Varghese and the PYPA under the leadership of Bros. Jaison Joseph (President) have been doing an excellent job among our children and youth. PYPA has come a long way since its inception twelve years ago and we congratulate our young brothers and sisters for their commitment. Our Women’s Fellowship is also an integral part of our region and has an active schedule throughout the year. Sister Layamma Samuel, President of the Women’s Fellowship, relocated to Dallas during 2007 and Sister Susamma Itty assumed the position of President of our Women’s Fellowship on August 1, 2007.

IPC Family Conference: Our region has been very supportive of IPC Family Conference since its inception. The 10th conference will be held in New York in 2010 under the leadership of Rev. Itty Abraham. We congratulate him and pledge our support to organize a blessed conference. 


We were able to see three of the major undertakings for this term, namely, incorporation of the region, adoption of the by-law, and the Website come to fruition.


Rev. Joseph Williams