Bro. George Varghese

Joint Secretary

Bro. George Kuruvilla

Vice President

Rev. K.V. Abraham


Bro. M.A. George

Text Box: SECOND TERM OFFICIALS (1994 – 1996)

In the early nineties, Pastors A. C. George, K. V. Kurian, John Daniel and Bro. M. A. George met several times at the India Christian Assembly auditorium to discuss the formation of an IPC North American Council and an Eastern Region Council. Later on, Pastor Sunny Philip and Bro. Roy Vakathanam also joined these discussions, which ultimately led to the formation of the IPC Eastern Region.


The primary objective behind forming these councils was to promote unity among the IPC churches in North America and to start new congregations wherever possible and thereby increasing the number of member churches all over America and Canada. The secondary objective was to start a theological seminary in Kerala, India, of higher academic and spiritual standard owned by the Church, financed and administered by pastors and believers in joint partnership.


Accordingly, all the IPC churches in North America were invited for a joint meeting to make a final decision on these councils and a meeting was held at IPC, Queens Village, New York. More than 40 members from across America and Canada attended the meeting, and thus the IPC North American Council was formed, with Pastor K. V. Kurian appointed as the President, Pastor Joy Abraham as the Secretary, Bro. M. A. George as the Joint Secretary, Bro. George Mathai as the Treasurer and one member from each member church as a council member. Thereafter, the IPC Eastern Region Council was formed, with Pastor A. C. George as the President, Pastor John C. Daniel as the Vice-President, Professor T. C. Mathew as the Secretary, Bro. M. A. George as the Treasurer, Bro. Varghese Pinakulam as the Joint Secretary, and one member from each member church serving as a council member. There were 10 member churches at the time of the region’s formation. This council served for three years and the membership started growing each year.


At the annual general body meeting held on May 29, 1994, a resolution proposing that the tenure of the new council should be for two years was passed. The new council was elected with Pastor A. C. George as the President, Pastor K. V. Abraham as the Vice President, Bro. M. A. George as the Secretary, Bro. George Kuruvilla as the Joint Secretary, Bro. George Varghese as the Treasurer, and one council member from each church. Several new churches joined the region during this time, including churches from Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee. At the end of the second term the number of churches in the Eastern Region grew to twenty-eight.


In January 1993, the Eastern Region Council and North American Council sent Pastor A. C. George and Bro. M. A. George to the IPC General Council meeting at Kumbanad to seek approval for both Councils and the IPC Theological Seminary. The matter was presented to the General Council and after prolonged discussions the General Council unanimously approved all proposals.


This year, as we commemorate the 15th anniversary of the IPC Eastern Region Council, I remember the services of the late Pastors K. V. Kurian and A. C. George for their tireless services to IPC Eastern Region and the IPC Churches of North America. I consider it a great privilege and honor to have worked with these great men of God in the building up of many IPC churches in North America.



M. A. George



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