Rev. Mathew Samuel


Bro. George Varghese

Joint Secretary

Bro. Oommen Abraham


Rev. Sunny Philip

Vice President

Rev. Thomas V. Koshy

Text Box: THIRD TERM OFFICIALS (1997 – 1999)
Text Box: The officers for the third term were elected in a general body meeting of IPC Eastern Region held on October 12, 1996, at the IPC auditorium in Jamaica, New York. The following officers were elected for the term: Pastors Mathew Samuel as president, Thomas Koshy as vice president, Sunny Philip as secretary, and Brothers. Oommen Abraham as joint secretary, and George Varghese as treasurer. One member from each participating church constituted the council.

In the first council meeting for the term, Pastor Joseph Williams was co-opted as the PYPA coordinator, Bro. Michael Johnson as the Sunday school director and Bro. Joy Thumpamon as the publicity convener. The Women’s Fellowship, which had its own general body meeting, chose to elect their officials on a yearly basis.

The third term started with a committee meeting on January 4, 1997. An activity calendar was drawn up on a yearly basis. Activities included a fasting and prayer meeting, pastors’ conference, youth convention, quarterly fellowship meetings and the annual convention. Besides these, the auxiliary wings had their own programs.

In 1997 and 1998 we had very successful annual conventions. Pastor K.C. John (India) was the featured speaker for 1997, and Pastor Alec Rowlands and his team were the guest speakers in 1998. A tremendous outpouring of Holy Spirit was witnessed in both of these conventions. In 1998, we served food for all the participants after Sunday service.

In a special meeting called by Pastor T.S. Abraham on August 14, 1998, at IPA in Hicksville, New York, a decision was made to have an IPC Family Conference beginning 1999, and the responsibility to conduct the first conference was assigned to the Eastern Region. As such, most of the activities of the year centered on this event. Pastor K. V. Kurian was the convener for the first conference and Pastor Sunny Philip served as the secretary. Officials of the Eastern Region and other regions in North America constituted the committee. After many changes of venues, officials determined to hold the first IPC Family Conference from June 24-27, 1999, at Francis Lewis High School, Queens, New York. Pastors Robert Forsyth, Gary H. Beasley, K.C. John, K.M. Joseph, T. S. Abraham, John Daniel, and Valson Abraham and Sister Flori Stevens ministered in different sessions. 

Highlights of the term include getting the General Council of IPC to accept the Eastern Region as a formal region under the name IPC North American Eastern Region; starting PYPA at the Region level, sponsoring Hebron Bible College, starting quarterly fellowship meetings and beginning work on the by-laws. Pastor Mathew Samuel (ministers) and Brother Kunjumon Samuel (believers) represented the Region at the IPC General Council.

Also, we are glad to note that, Calvary Faith Tabernacle led by Pastor K.S. Thomas, Carmel Pentecostal Church led by Pastor E. J. Oommen, and IPC Immanuel Philadelphia led by Pastor Rajan Mathew joined with the Region during this term.

Rev. Sunny Philip
1997- 1999

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