The Eastern Region Sunday School is the Christian Education Department of IPC Eastern Region. Since the Sunday school is at the core of our children’s Christian development, our ministry’s mission is to help ensure that the Sunday schools in the IPC Eastern region are fully functional in all the churches.


Keralite Pentecostal believers and their families began migrating to the United States in the early 1970s in search for better jobs. However, the spiritual edification of their children in this new and diverse land of opportunity was one of their major concerns. In the 1980s, as our children began to grow in number and age, our churches realized the need for an organized Sunday school and the need to develop our own textbooks. Many churches started using textbooks prepared by the Gospel Publishing House in Springfield, Missouri. While this continues to be a great resource for Sunday school instruction, in 1993, under the leadership of the IPC North American Council, pastors and church leaders met at Lee College in Tennessee and discussed the importance of a revised Sunday school curriculum. A committee of 18 members was formed to develop a curriculum, with Rev. Dr. Joy Joseph as the coordinator. Soon after, they met at IPC Church, Queens Village, New York, for three days and developed a blueprint of the curriculum. This was the first organized effort of IPC Churches to form a Sunday school curriculum.


Later, additional activities were organized on a regional level along with the formation of Eastern Region. Seminars to further equip Sunday school teachers were organized under the leadership of Bros. Mathai Mathew, P.C. Jacob and Michael Johnson.  In 1997, the Eastern region decided to recognize the Sunday school as a separate department and to appoint a Sunday school director with representation in the region council to coordinate its activities. Since the formation of the region Sunday school Brothers Michel Johnson (1997-1999), Mathai Mathew (2000-2002), Michel Johnson (2003-2005) and Thomas Varghese (2006-2008) served as the Sunday Directors.


In 2009, the region wide Sunday school department was expanded by adding three associate directors to represent various areas and assist the Sunday school director. Presently, Rev. Alvin David is serving as the Sunday School Director. Bro. Varghese George (New York), Bro. William Philip (New Jersey) and Rev. Thampi Markose (Pennsylvania) are serving as Associate Directors. The Sunday schools in the region currently use a combination of IPC English text books, SSNAK and Gospel Publishers materials for the curriculum

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Sunday School Director

Bro. James Varghese