Throughout history, God has shared his vision for ministry with those people who have earnestly sought His will for their lives. By seeking Him diligently, God gave me a clear vision concerning my ministryís direction and uniqueness and to establish a church in this land. He called me and positioned me for strategic purposes. Not only did I know the call of God but I also realized that my purpose in life is not to greedily fulfill every desire but that I am here to serve the One who has called me. Rather than pursuing the pleasures of this world, I was to be a soldier willing to suffer hardship for the sake of Christ.


Hebron India Pentecostal Church Inc. is a non-profit religious organization established by the vision God planted in my heart. Like many of Godís humble servants, filled by the Holy Spirit, and full of zeal and inspiration, I conducted prayer meetings, gospel meetings and Bible studies in various places. When God gave me the vision, I shared it with the late Rev. A. C. George and he encouraged me to pursue my vision. In November 2000, God enabled me to establish Hebron IPC in Queens, and as a part of that leadership role I conducted worship services in Rockland County from 2000-2001. The fellowship was established to: uphold moral and ethical values by strictly adhering to the apostolic teachings of holiness and separation, and to uplift the traditional and cultural excellence of our Keralite heritage and the Pentecostal teachings of our forefathers.


When the Lord called me and gave me the vision to begin a church and preside over worship services, I accepted that call as a humble leader who would do what is right in the sight of the Lord. In accordance with divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit and the guidance from the Holy Scriptures, on October 7, 2001, I commenced a worship meeting at 92-30 222nd Street, Queens Village, New York, Hebronís first worship service in the Queens area. Since then Hebron IPC has been continuing its mission.† Hebron IPC stands for holiness and sound doctrine of the word of God. We assemble ourselves in strict scriptural order. Our worship is conducted at Queens Baptist Church at 93-23 217 Street, Queens Village, NY 11428. Our churchís registered office is at 11 First Place, Garden City Park, NY 11040.



Rev. Babu Thomas

Founder & President


93-23, 217 Street, Queens Village, New York 11428

Phone: (516) 248-9598

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