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Text Box: 8TH TERM OFFICIALS (2012-2014)


Rev. Philip Philip

IPC North America Eastern Region

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Bro. George Samuel





Rev. Philip Philip                       Rev. Joseph Williams              Sam Thomas   

Rev. Itty Abraham                     Rev. Monis George                   Thomas Varughese

Rev. John Thomas                    Rev. Finney M. Samuel           Varghese Philip

Rev. Antony Rocky                   Rev. Jacob George                   K.C Thomas

Rev. K.V. Abraham                   Rev. Ninan Koshy                     Johnson George

Rev. George Varghese            Rev. A.G. Chacko                     Jaison Joseph

Rev. George Mathew                Rev. Alvin David                       Kollarakuzhi Eapen

Rev. P. C. Varghese                 Thomas Kidangalil                    Kunjumon Samuel

Rev. Koshy George                  George Kuruvilla                       Samuel Yohannan

Rev. George P. Chacko           George Varghese                     James Varghese

Rev. Babu Thomas                   Cherian Mathew                        Prinson Abraham

Rev. Varghese John                 Renny Varghese                       Thomas Kurian

Rev. Kunju Raju                        William Philip                              Moncey George

Rev. Jacob Cherian                  Cherian Philip                             George Samuel


General Council Member

Bro. Varghese Philip

Publisher & Webmaster

Bro. Samuel Yohannan

SUMMARY REPORT (2012-2014)


General Body: The general body meeting of our region was held on March 4, 2012 at IPC Queens Village, New York. Eighty nine members consisting of pastors and church representatives attended the meeting. The acting president Rev. John Thomas presided over the meeting in the incapacity of the Region President Rev. TC Mathew. The meeting commenced at 5:15 PM with Rev. KV Abraham’s opening prayer. The chairman exhorted from Psalms 133 highlighting the blessings in the unity of the saints. Subsequently, the secretary welcomed the attendees and presented the report for the three year term ending December 2011, and the Treasurer Br. Varghese Philip presented the financial report. The general body approved both the reports without amendments.


Council: The general body elected the following officers for the 2012-2014 term: Rev. Philip Philip (President) Rev. Itty Abraham (Vice-President) Rev. Joseph Williams (Secretary) Br. Thomas Varghese (Jt. Secretary) and Br. Sam Thomas (Treasurer). The position of Secretary, Joint Secretary and Treasurer required secret ballot and the President and Vice President were elected unopposed. Following the election of the officers, the region council was formed with 42 members including the PYPA president and Sunday school director. The council consists of 22 pastors and 20 brothers.


Rev. TC Mathew: Our former president Rev. T.C. Mathew who was ailing since Friday, October 28, 2011 went to be with the Lord on March 8, 2012. The Region remembers with gratitude his contributions to the Region and the Indian Pentecostal Church of God for over half a century. His calming presence and inspiring spiritual leadership will be greatly missed. The Region was blessed under his leadership as our founding secretary, former vice president and president. He is the only official in the history of our region to hold all three executive pastoral positions in the Region which is a testament to his gifted leadership and acceptance in our community.


Region Programs: The region hosts three major programs each year: the quarterly meetings, the annual convention and the ministers meetings and/or seminars.  Additionally, the Sunday school, PYPA and Sodari Samajam hold their meetings under the auspices of the region. Quarterly meetings are held in New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia.


Region Convention: Our region convention is held regularly during the Columbus Day weekend in October. The 2012, 2013 and 2014 conventions were all held at Chaminade High School in Mineola.  Brothers George Samuel and Kunjumon Samuel deserve special credit for their efforts in obtaining facility to conduct our convention there. The main speakers for the convention were Pastors David Stewart (2012) K.J. Thomas (2013) and T.D. Babu (2014) for the Malayalam side; and Pastors Glen Badonsky (2012) Rev. Jay Koopman (2013) and Rev. Finu Iype (2014) ministered the Word of God in the youth/English sessions. Since 2007, we have been conducting separate worship service in English and Malayalam in our region convention. In 2009, we expanded the English session beginning Saturday night. This has increased youth participation on Saturday night and Sunday. We also conduct a New Jersey-Hudson Valley area convention each year under the auspicious of PYPA including a combined worship service of the New Jersey and the Hudson Valley, New York churches.


Region Choir: The Region has a Choir made up of gifted and sprit filled singers and musicians from various member churches. The English and Malayalam Choir formed several years ago is a great blessing to our spiritual gatherings.


Recognition of Pastors: Pastor Mathew Samuel and Rev. Anthony Rocky were honored at the 2013 convention.  Pastor Mathew Samuel, one of the senior ministers of IPC and our former two term president (1997-1999 & 2006-2008) was recognized for his exemplary service to the Region as well as to the Indian Pentecostal Church of God, in general. Pastor Mathew Samuel’s life and authoritative teaching of the Word of God continues to be a great blessing to all of us. The Convention also gave a warm send-off to Rev. Anthony Rocky who relocated to Florida during the summer. We remember with gratitude the services of Rev. Anthony Rocky who has served the Region admirably as Vice President and Acting President during the 2003-2005-term. He has served as a pastor in the Region and as a Council member for many years. During the 2014 convention the Region also recognized the contributions of our outgoing President Pastor Philip Philip as a Pastor, Council member, Region Vice President & Acting President (2000-2002) and as the President (2012-2014). Once again, we thank Pastor Philip for his many years of services to the Region and wish him well and good health.


Pennsylvania Fellowship: A meeting of the IPC churches in Pennsylvania called by the Region Secretary in April 2012, decided to resume the Pennsylvania Fellowship of IPC churches which has not been active for few years. The meeting held at IPC Philadelphia Church selected Pastor Samuel Joseph to coordinate the Fellowship for two years (2012-2013). Currently, there are four churches in this fellowship and Pastor Rajan K. Mathew is serving as the Coordinator.


Ordination and Election Guidelines: The Council Meeting held on July 1, 2012 formed a subcommittee consisting of the five executives and Pastors Monis George, K.V. Abraham, Jacob George and Kunju Raju to draft separate guidelines for Ordinations and Region Elections. The Ordination Guidelines drafted by the subcommittee was approved and adopted by the Region Council on December 9, 2012. The Region Council meetings held on June 8 & 22, 2014 discussed and debated the draft Region Election Guidelines and Bylaw Clarifications prepared by the subcommittee. On June 22, 2014 the Council voted 24-0 to approve the guidelines.


Ordination: The ordination of Bro. K. E. Eapen of India Christian Assembly, New York was conducted on August 24, 2013 by IPC General President Pastor Jacob John under the auspicious of the Region Presbytery and India Christian Assembly. This was the first ordination conducted under the Ordination Guidelines of the Region.


Churches and Pastors: The Council meeting held on November 24, 2013 approved the request of Rev. George Mathew for a new out-station work in New Jersey under the name IPC New Life Worship Center. Furthermore, the Council on December 14, 2014 gave conditional membership approval to Maranatha International Pentecostal Church, Staten Island (Pastor Sabu Varghese) to join the Region. We gladly welcome both these fellowships to the Region.


During the current term two of our member churches made changes in their pastoral ministry. Rev. Kunju Raju left Calvary Faith Tabernacle and Rev. Jacob Cherian is now ministering at Calvary Faith Tabernacle. Rev. George Varghese completed his term at New York Pentecostal Church and Rev. KC Paul was appointed as the new Pastor. We wish blessings to these men of God in their new roles and will miss those who moved out of our fellowship.


PYPA: Brother Prinson Abraham provided leadership to PYPA as the president during the current term. PYPA conducted its annual convention in New Jersey all three years and hosted the Region Convention English sessions under the convention committee oversight. One of the highlights of the PYPA program is the VBS. The VBS held in Long Island for the last several years was expanded to New Jersey in 2014. Overall, combined in three years approximately a thousand children attended the VBS and over 350 children accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior. In 2014, PYPA donated from it surplus funds $1000.00 to IPC Navithy Charity Fund.


Sunday school: Our Region Sunday School Association under the leadership of Pastor Alvin David has been very active in the Sunday school ministry. The annual seminars and centralized competitive tests for age groups primary to high-teens are the major highlight of the Sunday school activity. Winners were honored with certificates and trophy at the annual meeting. The churches with the maximum points are honored with a Championship trophy. During the current term, the Sunday school has also set aside approximately $2000 for the benefit of pastor’s children’s education in India.


Women’s Fellowship: IPC Eastern Region Women's Fellowship is also very active in the Lord’s ministry. They conducted an annual convention every year, and fellowship or fasting and prayer meetings on a regular basis. They also conduct a special meeting in conjunction with the yearly IPC Region Convention. These meetings offer our sisters the opportunity to minister and equip them to witness the Lord elsewhere. For the past several years our sisters have been contributing to IPC Sodhari Samajam (Kumbanad) helping the sister’s ministry in Kerala. In 2014, our Women's Fellowship also supported mission work in Maharastra, West Bengal and Kerala.


Web-site & Publicity: The Region web-site ( is designed and maintained by our webmaster Br. Samuel Yohannan. Additionally, Br. Samuel Yohannan also along assists in the design and layout of our convention publications. Br. Oommen Ebenezer voluntarily assisted the Secretary with the publicity work.


General Council: The Region is represented in the General Council of the Indian Pentecostal Church of God by Pastor Philip Philip, and Brothers Varghese Philip and George Samuel. They were appointed by the council for the 2013-2015 term.


IPC Family Conference: Our region has been very supportive of IPC Family Conference since its inception in New York in 1999. Brothers Sam Thomas and George Samuel served as the secretary and treasurer, respectively, of the 11th Conference held in Orlando, Florida from July 26th to July 29th 2012. Brother Abraham Monis George served as the National Youth Representative of the 12th Conference held in Houston, TX from July 24 – 27, 2014. Currently, our council member Br. Samuel Yohannan is serving as the National Treasurer and Sister Sophie Varghese is serving as the National Sisters Coordinator of the 13th Conference which will be held in Oklahoma from July16-19th 2015. We pledge our support and prayers to the 13th Family Conference.


P.G. Course Sponsorship: As in previous terms, the IPC Eastern Region continued to be a major sponsor and financial patron of Hebron Bible College (HBC) PG Course. The net savings from our region activities are primarily used to support students pursuing their Post Graduate courses at HBC. A total of $6, 000 was given to HBC during the current term.


Finance: The financial report shows a total receipt of $74,540 and total disbursements of $69,973 for a net balance of $4,567 for the three year term ending December 2014. Combined with our balance from prior years, our net balance as of to-date is $15,795.


As we begin to celebrate our Silver Jubilee this upcoming year it is our prayer that we remain united and work for the expansion of the Kingdom of God here at home and abroad. As the church across the globe and especially in our motherland of India is going through both internal and external turmoil let us once again commit ourselves in the hand of the Lord and His word that “…I will build my church and the gates of hell will not overcome it…” At this time we remember those servants of God who lead us in the past and honor their lives. While, we remember all those who planted and watered this fellowship, we give all glory to God who has caused it to grow.



Rev. Joseph Williams